About GPS

The history of the gallery name:

Take from SPOT of “spot commercial firm” which existed in Ginza INZU 3 which is my last job, I named. It was before nearly already 10, but there was a storefront and there was a gallery, and there was a picture studio and I had a picture classroom. Many new products were produced the customer’s most part was a customer of an ad amateur, and the request was quite high, and for various orders to meet the demands much.

Concept in a gallery:

“I don’t engage in business.” I have the person who is as much as possible use it for a basis, and a door isn’t installed in an entrance and exit way in order for everyone to have no charge as well as entrance to an exhibition hall appreciate a work on exhibition anytime casually. A showpiece is replaced with a principle in 2 weeks, and I’m thinking when I can offer you wonderful and the pleasure of the exhibition which can be done at a gallery. Please use it by all means.

Fee for use in a gallery:

It’s said to be when you’d pay an expense of the light and heat water cost equivalence with a concept above-mentioned, and a fee for use is 10,000 yen a week, and a use period is a basis for 2 weeks, and I’m requesting. (I meet the consultation about a use period.)