Gallery Schedule

A future exhibition schedule including the exhibition which is being held at present. When cutting with a pin stop whether a painting, a poster and material as well as a picture are hung on a white wall by a wire, it’s possible to exhibit the exhibition contents. An exhibition period is being done based on 2 weeks-1 month.

“Postcard 2023 “

Exhibition period: On Sun, Jan 1

– Tus, Jan 31_2023

The Showa Kinen Park with autumn color

Exhibition period: On Wed, Feb 1

– Tus, Feb 28_2023

The Enchanted Illuminated World

Exhibition period: On Wed, Mar 1

– Fri, Mar 31_2023


Exhibition period: On Sat, Apr 1

– Sun, Apr 30_2023


Exhibition period: On Mon, May 1

– Wed, May 31_2023