Gallery Schedule

A future exhibition schedule including the exhibition which is being held at present. When cutting with a pin stop whether a painting, a poster and material as well as a picture are hung on a white wall by a wire, it’s possible to exhibit the exhibition contents. An exhibition period is being done based on 2 weeks-1 month.

TiTle: Tsuneaki Ueda Expo #3

“My impressed target

Exhibition period: On Mon, May 16- Sat, May 28

TiTle: “         ”

Exhibition period: On Mon, May 30- Sat, Jun 11

TiTle: “Arakawa Photo Club’s 50 lap year exhibition”

Exhibition period: On Mon, Jun 13- Sun, Jun 26

I’ll close my gallery with expo of June, thank you for your every HELP.

Next stage is ” Virtual Gallery”

I’ll get ready to make it.

A new virtual gallery has been opened. Please continue to patronize us.

“The Pictures at Arakawa Photo Club Tour”

Exhibition period: On Fri, Jul 1- Sun, Jul 31

“The newest movie poster”

Exhibition period: On Fri, Jul 1- Sun, Jul 31